Parma Ham Pizza

230 THB

Mussels and Clams Provencale

240 THB

Spicy Spare Ribs

280 THB

Parma Ham&Melon

185 THB

Vegetarian Lasagna

145 THB

Menu Recommend
Capricciosa Salad Olives

190 THB


195 THB

Tomato Cream Soup 

90 THB

Cold Cut Platter

280 THB

Grilled Vegetables

95 THB

Mozzarella Caprese

120 THB

Mussele in White Wine Sauce

135 THB

Italian Salad Mozzarella

195 THB

Seafood Salad 

185 THB

Linguine alla Genovesepe 

150 THB

Calzone - Folded pizza stuffed

220 THB

New Zeland mussels au gratin 

180 THB

Gnocchi with cherry tomatoes

140 THB

Medallions of Pork tenderlion

in lemon sauce

165 THB

Tomato Salad with onion 

85 THB